Simply put, using technology and innovation, we aim to eliminate the waste of time and unhygienic that occurs in bars, cafes, restaurants, etc. Usually, one has to wait for the waiter to give us the menu and again to take our order, and some more for the food to arrive, ask for a glass of water or for the bill. By overcoming the use of old-fashioned paper menus and oral ordering and calling system at restaurants, Sajilo Dine will transform your tables into smart tables! Finally the purpose is: Less waiting and more satisfaction for you and your customers, and greatly increased efficiency of your business.

The free trial is available for 7 days.

Yes, we offer a free menu set up for you if you take at least a 3 months subscription.

Our goal is to make Sajilo Dine as simple as it can be, so that it’s easy to use for the customers, Therefore, it doesn’t require application to use it. However, if there is a need for an application in the future, we might consider it.

No, Sajilo Dine works well alongside the existing system. It allows your customers to instantly connect to the waiter by scanning the QR code on the table and making an order or sending a message to the waiter.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription with a 45 days prior notice. There are no hidden fees to do so.

We heartily welcome your feedback. Kindly send us your suggestions, feedback, questions etc. to [email protected].