For customers

Arrive at the restaurant and scan the QR code on your table to access the menu.
Select your order choices from the menu that opens up on our website.
You may customize your order with available toppings and any special instructions you want to add.
Proceed to view your order summary and make any necessary changes.
Finalize your order and confirm it
Once you confirm, the restaurant receives your order and immediately starts preparation.
Once the food arrives at your table, you may call the waiter or ask for extra cutlery or spices from our website itself!
You may order again by either continuing to use the website or scanning the QR code again. Enjoy your Meal!

For Restaurants

Register on our website and wait for us to contact you.
Complete paperwork with us and confirm your registration.
Add your restaurant information and full menu details on our website. In case of a 3 month subscription, we can fill your menu for you.
Preview your restaurant profile and menu on our website and finalize everything.
Your profile is ready to use by your customers. Contact us for any further assistance needed.